Use Neodymium

New Type Rare Earth Magnets

Toyota will develop a new type of rare earth magnet that will not use neodymium. The new type will be 18 times smaller that the regular ones. This new type of rare earth magnet is expected to have many applications in the automotive industry. It will be evaluated in various products and will be able to support the production of motors used for electric vehicles. The company plans to develop the new type of rare-earth magnet in order to maintain the supply of these resources.

Rare-earth magnets are among the strongest magnets available. They are so strong that everyday objects can be made smaller and more efficient due to their power. Rare-earth magnets can be difficult to find because they are extremely rare. New types of rare earth magnets based on common elements are being developed. These new types will offer the same performance and cost-effectiveness as the older ones.

These rare-earth magnets have the ability to attract and repel large amounts of magnetic fields. They exhibit high magnetic anisotropy due to their intense magnetism. These magnets are made up of microcrystalline grains which align in a strong magnetic field during manufacturing. They are so strong that even a strong demagnetizing field won’t reduce their strength. The most popular rare-earth magnets, neodymium is samarium cobalt and samarium iron are the samarium–cobalt and samarium–iron.

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