There are many types magnets

There are many types magnets that you can buy. For those interested in DIY projects, craft and hobby projects, neodymium magnets are ideal. These magnetic materials can withstand the weight of ten men. These permanent magnets are available at any specialty magnetic supply store, or online. They are also available in various shapes, sizes and materials, which can make them an ideal choice for a variety of projects.

The strongest permanent magnets currently on the market are the Neodymium magnets. These magnets are sometimes called “Super Magnets”, and they are used in areas where the magnetic force must be strong. They are incredibly strong magnets and can lift 1000 times their weight. Depending on the application, these powerful magnets can be an excellent option for a variety of uses. They come in a range of sizes and shapes.

Rare-earth-neodymium disc magnetics are made from high quality neodymium. They are extremely strong and long-lasting. These disk magnets can be a great choice for a wide variety of uses. This rare-earth type magnet is one the strongest magnetics on the marketplace, with a pull force up to seven pounds. It comes in a polished sleeve with a 1/4-inch hole. These magnetic devices are very easy to use as they can attach to any metal surface, including steel.

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