Magnetic field

Magnetic field is the most important characteristic of a magnet. This field is both visible and invisible. A magnet’s main property is the ability to attract other similar magnets and pull on ferromagnetic materials. Hence, the name ‘bar’. Here is an explanation of how bar magnets work. Let us look at the most common properties of bar magnets. In short, bar magnets pull and attract metals, metal sheets and iron.

Bar magnets

Magnetic field line – The magnetic field lines move from north to south. On a bar magnet, the north pole of the bar is at the north pole, while the south is at the southern pole. A magnetic line is weaker around the middle of the bar magnet, and it doesn’t cross the other pole. This flow of magnetic field is due to attraction between the opposite poles of two magnets. A bar magnet with two opposite poles is called a bipolar magnet.

North and South pole: The north and south poles of a bar magnet are aligned with the poles of the Earth. The magnetic field lines are close around the poles, while they are far apart in the center. A magnet with a single pole has a weak magnetic field around its center. This is the basic mechanism of a magnetic field. In a typical laboratory setting, a single bar magnet is placed on a hot plate with another magnet.

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