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  • Great References

    Great References for Great Results You don’t need to be a graduate student or tenured faculty member to benefit from a successful reference based job search. A comprehensive reference list can make a huge difference in your career and help you land that job at the top of the ladder. It is not unusual to […]

  • Equipment Trends

    Equipment Trends

    New Equipment Trends for 2023 Equipment manufacturers are trying to stay ahead of key trends in the new year. These include fuel efficiency , sustainability automation, connectivity, and digital solutions. Utilizing these technologies helps manufacturers stay competitive and adapt to supply chain disruptions. Equipment manufacturers also have a longer-term source of reliable revenue. 1. Fuel […]

  • Industrial Trends

    Industrial Trends

    Industrial Trends That Are Changing the Industrial Landscape Despite continuous disruptions to supply chain processes, volatility in commodities markets and rising operating costs, manufacturing companies continue to see growth. Many manufacturers are enhancing their resilience to cope with high demand from the public, pandemic-related labour, materials, and shortages of components. They are investing in automation, […]